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quench your thirst

All packages include plastic cooler chests, plastic cups, ice scoops, tubs, ice, & colored table linen, the addition of a bartender (s) is required

Spiked Iced Tea & Classic or Strawberry Lemonade

$375 (serves up to 75 people)
$75.00 per extra gallon

3 gallons spiked iced tea
3 gallons spiked classic or strawberry lemonade
garnishes, lemon, lime, mint & drink umbrella

Sangria Table

$375 (serves up to 75 people)
$75 per additional gallon

3 gallons white peach sangria
3 gallons red citrus strawberry sangria
marinated fruit & drink umbrellas

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade & Iced Tea Table

$250 (serves up to 75 people)

Help cool off on a hot summer’s day with 5 gallons each of : classic or strawberry lemonade
lightly sweetened iced tea

Quick Grab Mixed Beer Bar


Set up a craft beer cooler…6 cases in total
2 Cases CPT Lawrence IPA or CPT Lawrence Pale Ale
2 Cases Heineken Light or Sam Adams Summer
2 Case Corona Beer or Truly Sparkling
Ice and Cooler

Ala Carte Kegs

$495 Premium or Craft
$250 Standard Keg

Includes: bucket, ice, tap, & cups

A Taste of Summer

$800 (serves up to 75 people)
$650 (serves up to 50 people,
1.5 gal margarita, 1.5 gal sangria, 8 bottle white, 8 bottle red and beer keg)

2 gallons of strawberry or classic margarita
2 gallons of white or red sangria
1 standard keg (Bud, Miller or Coors Light)
1 case of california white wine
1 case of california red wine served with plastic cups, ice, fruit garnish, drink umbrellas and table linen


Upgrade your standard keg of beer with a premium or micro brewery craft beer for your Taste of Summer Package !

$1,045 (serves up to 75 people)

choose from captain lawrence pale ale (local), broken bow ‘broken auger’ lager (local), heineken or samuel adams seasonal


$450 (serves up to 75 people)
$85 per additional gallon additional $75 for frozen margarita

3 gallons strawberry margarita (on the rocks)
3 gallons classic margarita (on the rocks)
fruit garnish, lemon & lime

Ask About Our Full Bar Options!

We proudly serve “craft” beer brewed in Westchester’s own Captain Lawrence and Broken Bow Breweries

Doing your own?

$4.00 per person for mixers, juices and ice package
$50.00 each per 100# coolers

– All prices based on purchase of a full event menu
– All packages require a Great American BBQ Co. professional bartender
– We are fully licensed and insured

*Pricing and Menus Subject To Change at Any Time*