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quench your thirst

All packages include plastic cooler chests, plastic cups, ice scoops, tubs, ice, & colored table linen, the addition of a bartender (s) is required

Spiked Iced Tea & Classic or Strawberry Lemonade

3 gallons spiked iced tea
3 gallons spiked classic or strawberry lemonade
Garnishes: lemon, lime, mint & drink umbrellas

Sangria Table

3 gallons white peach sangria
3 gallons red citrus strawberry sangria
Garnishes: marinated fruit & drink umbrellas

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade & Iced Tea Table
Help cool off on a hot summer’s day with 5 gallons each of classic or strawberry lemonade and lightly sweetened iced tea
Tikki Bar

3 gallons of planters punch (meyers rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, & grenadine)
3 gallons of malibu bay breeze
Fruit garnish, drink umbrellas, burlap table
Linen & grass skirting

Margarita Cha Cha

3 gallons strawberry margarita (on the rocks)
3 gallons classic margarita (on the rocks)
Fruit garnish, lemon & lime

A Taste of Summer

2 gallons of strawberry or classic margarita
2 gallons of white or red sangria
1 standard keg (Bud, Miller or Coors Light)
1 case of california white wine
1 case of california red wine
served with plastic cups, ice, fruit
garnish, drink umbrellas and table linen
1.5 gal margarita, 1.5 gal sangria,
8 bottle white, 8 bottle red and beer keg


    Upgrade your standard keg of
    beer with a premium or micro
    brewery craft beer for your
    Taste of Summer Package!
    choose from captain lawrence pale
    ale (local), broken bow ‘broken
    auger’ lager (local), heineken or
    samuel adams seasonal

Ala Carte Kegs

Includes: bucket, ice, tap, & cups
Premium or Craft
Standard Keg

Ask About Our Full Bar Options!

We proudly serve “craft” beer brewed in Westchester’s own Captain Lawrence and Broken Bow Breweries
– All prices based on purchase of a full event menu
– All packages require a Great American BBQ Co.
– Professional bartender
– We are fully licensed and insured